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Hypnosis is a natural fascinating and intriguing phenomenon. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are amazing tools to help you to achieve everything you want from life and whether you want to use hypnosis to help your self or to help other people to achieve success we are here to help you.

Many people seem frightened or scared of the word hypnosis, believing that it is some kind of magical practice of being under the hypnotist’s control, I will try and dispel that myth. When we are in a relaxed state of mind, our mind is suggestible.  As a human being I believe we run on feelings and emotions and the perception of those feelings and emotions.  When those feelings and emotions are negatively driven our perception of life, or life experience, can be out of kilter, therefore making our thoughts more negative than they need be.

The process of hypnosis helps us to find the route cause of the negative feelings and emotions anddealing with them, replacing the negative thought with positive ones, therefore changing our perception so that we are no longer driven by negative thoughts.  An example of being in an hypnotic state voluntarily, when we drive a motor vehicle, all of us have probably experienced a phenomenon where we find ourselves at our destination or part way into our journey etc, and we can’t remember how we got there, or  if the traffic lights were on red, or cant remember the roundabout or any other part of the journey. we put that down to daydreaming, we are in fact in a hypnotic state,  in that daydream state we have allowed our subconscious mind to assume control of the vehicle, enabling our conscious mind to drift away somewhere else, because we have been thinking about our day ahead, workload, meetings etc. In therapy terms when we are in this state of mind, we are open to positive suggestion from a therapist. Enabling them to work with the client on whatever negative issues are effecting them.

For example if a client is suffering from issues that are affecting them but they have no idea what is causing them, using hypnosis, these problems can be unearthed and the negative feelings and emotions that surround them and drive them, can be dealt with, so that these issues will never drive any kind of behavioral or emotional pattern again, with the client being free from whatever was “controlling” them.

Our own subconscious mind knows exactly what negative issues are affecting us, therefore when we are in hypnosis, we are able to unearth negative feelings and emotions, and deal with the effects they had over us. Replacing these negative emotions with positive feelings and emotions. Consciously we cant always face our problems or issues because they are painful, or have an effect, in terms of emotion, or we may not even know what they are, but subconsciously we can deal with any negative emotion, and replace it with positive emotion, eradicating the problem and how it made the client feel.

It must be stressed, it is not how the therapist wants the client to feel, it is all about how the client wants to feel, enabling them to the best they can be in any aspect of their life, dramatically changing their life for the better. With hypnosis, working with the subconscious mind, our emotions can be dealt with to change the clients perception of anything effecting them freeing themselves from feeling negative about any situation in life, changing their life forever.