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Terms and Conditions

Conditions for Room Hire: 

Welcome to Total Health Care. Due to the nature of the work that will take place in the rooms, our conditions of room hire are set out below.

It is essential that this document is signed and returned together with the hire fees prior to your use of a room as you will be unable to proceed with your booking until we are in receipt of a signed copy of the Conditions for Hire. If you wish to discuss any of the points outlined below, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Crompton (Partner of Total Health Care on 07903584756).

Total Health Care Therapy Rooms

1.    Before Practising at Total Health Care Therapy Rooms

a.     You (?the Therapist?) accept full responsibility for and agree that you have your own Insurance and agree that Total Health Care shall not be responsible for any treatments or appointments made between the Therapist and their clients.

b.     Total Health Care will not take the bookings on behalf of the Therapist.  The Therapist will operate independently within the rooms, maintaining full control over bookings, finances and development of their own practice.

c.     Total Health Care will not deal with any money transactions and payment of therapy fees on behalf of the Therapist.

2.    Use of the Treatment Rooms

a.      The Treatment Rooms must only be used during the hours that have been agreed and booked through Peter or Lisa.

b.      The Therapist is responsible for the condition of the rooms during occupation and the Therapist agrees that any loss or damage that occurs during the Therapists occupation of a room will be charged to the Therapist and payment must be received within 14 days of billing.

c.      The Therapist accepts full responsibility for their own conduct and that of their Clients around the treatment rooms and other Clients who may be present.

d.      The Therapist agrees to be considerate and courteous at all times in dealing with Tenants in the main building and local residents.

e.      The Therapist agrees to ensure that the Treatment Room is left in a clean and tidy condition and ready for use by another Therapist. If any incidents or problems occur that will require attention, these must be reported to Lisa Crompton immediately.

f.       The use of burning objects such as candles and incense may be used in the Treatment Rooms provided the Therapist takes all steps necessary to comply with

health and safety and fire safety standards, but the rooms must be left in an appropriate condition for the next therapist.

g.      The moderate use of stereos for sound is welcome, but the level of the sound must be respectful to the other users of the rooms. Any Therapist using a stereo which is too loud will be asked to turn it off and discontinue using sound during their sessions.

h.      Total Health Care can provide towels, however, where possible. Total Health Care may provide the furniture to allow safe and secure practice of a therapy, couch rolls, tissues, refreshments (tea/coffee/sugar). The Therapists requirements for the rooms must be conveyed prior to the commencement of the booking.

3.     Payment of Treatment Room Hire

a.     All bookings can be paid in arrears at the end of the month upon receipt of our invoice..

b.     A refundable deposit of £50 will be required before any therapist will be provided with their own set of keys.

c.      Payment can be made by cash or cheque.  All cheques are to be made payable to Lisa Crompton. The Therapist can be invoiced monthly if the Therapist books the rooms for more than four hours per week.

d.     Failure to make payments as agreed may result in Total Health Care refusing to accept further bookings and taking legal action if necessary.

4.    Cancellation  

a.      The Therapist agrees to provide as much notice of cancellation as possible and that cancellation of any booking less than 48 hours before the booking commences shall result in the full hire fee being due. We recommend that the Therapist agrees similar terms with the Therapist?s own clients.

b.      Total Health Care reserves the right to cancel room hire if it is unable to provide access or hire rooms due to any so called ?force majeure? events beyond its control including but not limited to flood, fire, breakdown of heating, power failure or any other events beyond its control.

5.    Total Health Care?s obligations to the Therapist

Total Health care agree to: 

a.      To supply heating and hot water.

b.      To maintain toilets and provide general caretaking services.

c.      To maintain public liability insurance in respect of the building.


I sign below to confirm that I have read understood and agree to the terms and conditions of booking a treatment room as outlined above.


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