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Are you looking for Ingrown Toenail treatment in Bolton?

Are you looking for support with Ingrown Toenails in Bolton, Farnworth, Walkden, Little Lever and the surrounding areas?

We are very proud of our reputation in the Farnworth and local areas including Walkden, Over Hulton, Little Lever and Bolton. For years, patients have depended on the Total Health Care team to provide valuable support and treatment of ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenails occur when the edges or corners of your nails grow into the skin next to the nail. Your big toe is most likely to get an ingrown toenail.

Ingrown toenails occur in both men and women but may be more common in people with sweaty feet, such as teenagers. Older people may also be at higher risk because toenails thicken with age.​

Ingrown Toenails Treatment in Farnworth

Does this sound like you?

  • Is your toe sore and tender?

  • Is the skin around the nail inflamed and swollen?

  • Is the edge of the nail infected with puss?

  • Is the pain stopping you from doing the things you love or impacting your daily life?

  • You cannot wait for the NHS?

  • Is the pain getting worse?

Foot Care Services in the Farnworth Area

What Causes Ingrown Toenails?

  • cutting toenails incorrectly (Cut straight across, since angling the sides of the nail can encourage the nail to grow into the skin.)

  • irregular, curved toenails footwear that places a lot of pressure on the big toes, such as socks and stockings that are too tight or shoes that are too tight, narrow, or flat for your feet.

  • toenail injury, including stubbing your toe, dropping something heavy on your foot, or kicking a ball repeatedly.

  • poor posture.

  • improper foot hygiene, such as not keeping your feet clean or dry.

  • genetic predisposition.

About the Treatment

Is it painful?

Great news! The procedure is extremely quick and simple. Its conducted under a simple local anaesthetic injection to minimise any pain or discomfort.

How long do the results last?

​More good news! This procedure is a permanent solution meaning you can expect no regrowth and no recurrent infections. The relief after the procedure is also immediate.

What is included?

The Leeds Ingrowing toenail programme includes:

  • Your local anaesthetic

  • Partial or total nail avulsion procedure

  • Additional check up and  redressing appointment

  • Take home redressing pac

All without the merry go round of NHS appointments and waiting times.

Surgical Treatments for Ingrown Toenails

Partial Nail Removal

Partial nail removal only involves removing the piece of nail that is digging into your skin. Our Podiatrist will numb your toe and then narrow the toenail. A partial nail removal is 98 percent effective for preventing future ingrown toenails.

During a partial nail removal, the sides of the nail are cut away so that the edges are completely straight. We may also treat your toe with a compound called phenol, which keeps the nail from growing back.

Total Nail Removal

Total nail removal may be used if your ingrown nail is caused by thickening.

Our Podiatrist will give you a local Anaesthetic  and then remove the entire nail in a procedure called a matrixectomy.

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Why Choose Us?

Chiropody and Podiatry in Farnworth Area

Our Unique Approach

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We understand how lack of mobility can make it difficult to look after your feet. We want every experience at Total Health Care with our Podiatry Team to be exceptional and our unique approach includes starting with a relaxing warm foot bath. Followed by a comprehensive consultation, treatment, self help advice and concludes with an application of soothing foot lotion.

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